Our Problem-Based Learning Resources (PBL Resources) are designed to provide entrepreneurship educators with a training model to assist them in introducing effective blockchain education.

Our materials are intended for entrepreneurship educators and business advisors, a sizable and varied group operating in enterprise centres, incubators, chambers of commerce, regional colleges, and other institutions. Managers who run small and medium-sized businesses with high growth potential are the indirect target group. We have learned from past experiences that not all businesses possess the traits necessary for blockchain integration into the digital economy, so the training manual will include instructions on how to recognise “high growth” SMEs.

The resources address the following needs, as identified by our own Needs Analysis. Our PBL resources are intended to assist entrepreneurship educators who want to introduce training but are hampered by their lack of experience, as well as those who rely on traditional “lecture” approaches and lack the pedagogic strategies to enable effective 21st century skill development. As adult learners, SME managers and entrepreneurs require dynamic teaching approaches that value their prior experience and demonstrate clear relevance to their daily work. They need digital skills to understand blockchain’s potential, as well as entrepreneurial skills to identify, evaluate, and implement opportunities.

The PBL Resources contribute to the subject matter as well as the pedagogical approaches used in entrepreneurship VET. PBL is not widely used in VET, so many educators will be unfamiliar with it. It is a much-needed innovation: as a result, learners will gain much more than a basic theoretical understanding of blockchain; they will be immersed in the world of digital economy and develop new knowledge and skills in a very practical way, through scenario-based learning and creative problem solving.


Training Guide